Steph & Wayne

Steph and Wayne met at a redneck kegger in Alpine, Wyoming, in 2002. They connected immediately with their humor, political leanings, and feeling like outcasts. Steph had almost made up her mind to move out of Wyoming because of personal isolation. Wayne co-owned a gallery in town and was relieved to have found someone who was just as silly as he. For months they shared stories, their insecurities, and laughter. This led to a deep friendship of personal empowerment. They discovered that traveling together was just another common interest and decided to plan a trip every couple of years.

Their first working relationship was with a love of knitting, and then came a fortunate stroke of luck with the birth of Madge and Bisket. From humble drunken beginnings, Madge and Bisket are now the international stars of dumpster-laden alleys you've never heard of. The amount of trouble these characters get into, and the possibility of debauchery, poorly executed drag queen makeup, and incarceration are endless.