VIVA Lost Gag Reflex

After college, Bisket needed some space and was on the verge of needing carpel tunnel surgery. She knew that men were simple; when their balls were full, the brain was empty. Bisket needed time to think about the years she'd spent servicing her classmates, hoping to find a muse. That calling would be the showrooms of Vegas, amongst the ashtrays, glitter, and ass-tickling feathers.
One day while dancing for the Lido de Paris at the Stardust, Bisket met two Bavarian queens, Siegfried and Roy. They shared her love of fancy clothes, performing, and handsome men.
The three became fast friends. After that, Bisket found her social circle expanded to include the very rich and incredibly famous. Vegas headliners from around the world became her friends with Bisket's talent for dancing, gift of gab, and soft palms.
Bisket caught the lustful gaze of handsome socialite Rusty Kunckel. Rusty was a German businessman who saw Bisket's image on a Topless restaurant flier and just had to meet her. So they flew to Hoover Dam to consummate their relationship. 
When Kunckel had his fill of Bisket's dry tugs, a singer with a working pelvis came calling at the stage door.
Young Elvis Presley was looking for more than a one-night stand, and they married at a small service in the Frontier Hotel. But, once the all-night-booze-fest wore off, Elvis had their sham marriage annulled. 
Tearfully, Bisket recounted the drama that unfolded to Siegfried and Roy. They offered to feed Elvis to their tigers. Though tempting, she knew Elvis had performances the rest of the month. Surely someone would suspect foul play.

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